RTNS 2014 Accepted Papers

Will Lunniss, Sebastian Altmeyer, Giuseppe Lipari and Robert Davis. Accounting for Cache Related Pre-emption Delays in Hierarchical Scheduling
Bipasa Chattopadhyay and Sanjoy Baruah. Limited-Preemption Scheduling on Multiprocessors
Angeliki Kritikakou, Claire Pagetti, Christine Rochange and Matthieu Roy. Distributed run-time WCET controller for concurrent critical tasks in mixed-critical systems
Florian Bartols, Till Steinbach, Franz Korf, Bettina Buth and Thomas Schmidt. Real-time Ethernet Residual Bus Simulation: A Model Based Testing Approach for the Next-Generation In-Car Network
Georges Kemayo, Frédéric Ridouard, Henri Bauer and Pascal Richard. A Forward end-to-end delays Analysis for packet switched networks
Unai Diaz-De-Cerio, Michael González Harbour, J. C. Palencia and Juan P. Uribe. Adding Precedence Relations to the Response-Time Analysis of EDF Distributed Real-Time Systems
Luca Bonato, Enrico Mezzetti and Tullio Vardanega. Supporting Global Resource Sharing in RUN-scheduled Multiprocessor Systems
Jörg Mische and Theo Ungerer. Guaranteed Service Independent of the Task Placement in NoCs with Torus Topology
Hanbing Li, Isabelle Puaut and Erven Rohou. Traceability of Flow Information: Reconciling Compiler Optimizations and WCET Estimation
Mitra Nasri, Sanjoy Baruah, Gerhard Fohler and Mehdi Kargahi. On the Optimality of RM and EDF for Non-Preemptive Real-Time Harmonic Tasks
David Griffin, Benjamin Lesage, Alan Burns and Robert I. Davis. Lossy Compression for Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of PLRU Caches
Kecheng Yang and James Anderson. Soft Real-Time Semi-Partitioned Scheduling with Restricted Migrations on Uniform Heterogeneous Multiprocessors
David Griffin, Benjamin Lesage, Alan Burns and Robert Davis. Lossy Compression for Static Probabilistic Timing Analysis of Random Replacement Caches
Joan Adria Ruiz de Azua and Marc Boyer. Complete modelling of AVB in network calculus framework
Bryan Ward, Abhilash Thekkilakattil and Jim Anderson. Optimizing Preemption-Overhead Accounting in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems
Silviu S. Craciunas and Ramon Serna Oliver. SMT-based task- and network-level static schedule generation for time-triggered networked systems
Hing Choi Wong and Alan Burns. Schedulability Analysis for the Abort-and-Restart (AR) Model
Youcheng Sun and Giuseppe Lipari. A Weak Simulation Relation for Real-Time Schedulability Analysis of Global Fixed Priority Scheduling Using Linear Hybrid Automata
Cláudio Maia, Marko Bertogna, Luís Nogueira and Luis Miguel Pinho. Response-Time Analysis of Synchronous Parallel Tasks in Multiprocessor Systems
Florian Kluge, Mike Gerdes and Theo Ungerer. The Boot Process in Real-time Manycore Processors
Hardik Shah, Kai Huang and Alois Knoll. The Priority Division Arbiter for low WCET and high Resource Utilization in Multi-core Architectures
Manar Qamhieh, Laurent George and Serge Midonnet. A Stretching Algorithm for Parallel Real-time DAG Tasks on Multiprocessor Systems
Hardik Shah, Kai Huang, Alois Knoll and Andrew Coombes. Measurement based WCET Analysis for Multi-core Architectures
Antoine Bertout, Julien Forget and Richard Olejnik. Minimizing a real-time task set through Task Clustering
Yasmina Abdeddaïm, Younes Chanderli, Robert Davis and Damien Masson. Schedulability Analysis for Fixed Priority Real-Time Systems with Energy-Harvesting
Zakaria Sahraoui, Emmanuel Grolleau, Mohamed Ahmed Nacer and Mehdi Driss. Antinomy between schedulability and quality of control using a feedback scheduler
Laura Carnevali, Alessandra Melani, Luca Santinelli and Giuseppe Lipari. Probabilistic Deadline Miss Analysis of Real-Time Systems Using Regenerative Transient Analysis
Jamie Garside and Neil Audsley. WCET Preserving Hardware Prefetch for Many-Core Real-Time Systems
Mohamed Abdel Maksoud and Jan Reineke. A Compiler Optimization to Increase the Efficiency of WCET Analysis
Hashan Roshantha Mendis, Leandro Soares Indrusiak and Neil Audsley. Predictability and Utilisation Trade-off in the Dynamic Management of Multiple Video Stream Decoding on Network-on-Chip based Homogeneous Embedded Multi-cores
Kostiantyn Berezovskyi, Luca Santinelli, Konstantinos Bletsas and Eduardo Tovar. WCET Measurement-based and Extreme Value Theory Characterisation of CUDA Kernels
Andrea Baldovin, Geoffrey Nelissen, Tullio Vardanega and Eduardo Tovar. SPRINT: Extending RUN to Schedule Sporadic Tasks